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Community Livelihood Improvement Programme (CLIP)

Community Livelihood Improvement Programme (CLIP)

Project Geographical Location:Shimba Hills, Lerroghi  and Chyulu.


In various water towers ecosystems, the livelihoods and well-being of communities are critically dependent on the ecosystem goods and services from the water towers.  However to improve the quality and quantity of the ecosystem benefits a strategic focus should be on; Water Towers Ecosystem health and resilience, securing of catchment lands, wetlands and critical biodiversity hotspots, acquiring appropriate infrastructure for sustainable management of water towers, creation of partnerships and linkages for sustainable management augmented by sustainable livelihoods support programmes.

This therefore illustrates how upon establishment of alternative livelihoods support programmes, a resilient and healthy ecosystems can attained along with poverty eradication and impact. In addition, It is clear that enormous opportunities exist to increase livelihood support in ways that make optimal and sustainable use of water towers resources. This suggests that communities can meet basic human requirements without massive and reversible damage to our ecosystems. Ensuring food security, managing water resources and protecting ecosystems must be considered from holistic policy point of view


The Government of Kenya recognizes and appreciates the contribution of Water Towers as a natural resource to the national GDP. This is evident in prioritization of rehabilitation and restoration of water towers as one of the flagship projects in the Vision 2030. However, it is with deep concern that, it was realized that enormous deforestation and degradation of Water Tower over the past years has resulted in environmentally and economically disadvantaged Ecosystems. The effects of degradation in this water tower have been offset much through establishment of plantations and natural regeneration courtesy of protection services. The challenges experienced within the water towers ecosystem has raised the need for developing a more holistic and conventional ways capable of improving the Ecosystem health and uphold resilience.

With the above in mind, the Government has developed frameworks and policies that put emphasis on the need for active community participation in the process of natural resource management. As a result, Community Livelihood Improvement Programme (CLIP) intends to effectively engage the communities living within the water towers ecosystem to participate in the sustainable management of these resources by providing alternative livelihood solution, creation of economic buffers and climate change adaptation projects among others.

 Objective: of the programme is to provide alternative livelihood solutions and creation of economic buffers for socio economic development through; Development of strategy on bio-enterprise rounding the water towers. and livelihood development for employment and wealth creation among the communities surrounding the water towers; Development and benefit sharing under the conservation fund; Development and promotion of payment for environmental services schemes within the water towers ecosystem, Development of conservation of nature based enterprises(green enterprises);Development of livelihood programmesfors communities within water towers; Promotion of increased production of biomass including bamboo resources for clean energy and income.

Project stage: Ongoing

Economic and Social Benefits  Improved household’s income, Increased vegetation cover, Employment and wealth creation, Efficient use of biomass fuel to reduce pressure on ecosystem resources, Communities able to plan for agricultural production in response to changing climate patterns, Improved revenue for environmental conservation, Clean and secure environment or citizens, Benefits sharing for communities involved in upstream conservation and protection, Promoted peaceful co-existence among communities.