KWTA training Of Champions on Safety and Security

KWTA training Of Champions on Safety and Security

Following the signed performance contract of financial year 2014/15, the organization held a training session for fire safety and ISMS champions on the 25th of June 2015 at the Kenya Water Towers Agency boardroom. The champions are expected to be in charge of various safety measures at the agency.

At the end of the course, having passed the assessment, the champions would be competent in the skills needed to manage an incident in which people are ill or injured, take care of them until medical help is available.

The initial assistance given to someone who has been injured or suddenly taken ill, using available materials and generally accepted principles, before handing over to a more responsible person.

Also be able to access situations quickly and safely, then call for appropriate help, protect casualties and bystanders from possible danger. Identify the problems with the casualty as far as possible, give casualty early treatment – serious conditions first, get medical aid from a more qualified personnel (Dr./Nurse/ EMT, etc…) and be able to prevent cross infection to themselves.

The champions were also trained on dealing asthma, burns, and scalds casualties. There was also an extensive training on various fire management methods but weight was thrown the use of different types of fire extinguishers for different classes of fire.

By the end of the training the champions made recommendations which included that; all offices be equipped with first aid kits and fire blankets, KWTA  to liaise with relevant authority i.e. County government in order to organize a fire drill, an intensive training for all KWTA staff on first aid training, to be hosted away from the office, ensure all KWTA vehicles are equipped with first aid kits, a safety committee be formed by the champions and come up with a safety policy measure for the organization and ensure the performance contract target for financial year 2015/16 is met.


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